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A simple, yet powerful idea.

Move makes it easy to share bookings, and drivers, with partner fleets.


Full dispatch control for your fleet

With your new, powerful web app


Grow your network by connecting with fleets and drivers, via Move’s decentralised Market.
You can now offer your passengers more services by working with local and international partners. Finding partners to work with is now easy than ever, finding drivers is a walk in the park.


Not all fleets are run the same. Move has lot’s of pricing, area, and dispatch configurations to keep your business running, however unique it may be. You’ll be able to adapt to any of your clients needs using the Move Dispatch System.

Up to date

As a dispatcher, you want to know what’s going on with every booking, right? Move’s dashboard keeps dispatchers and fleet managers in the loop with live booking updates. And what about drivers? Move’s powerful mapping shows you the location of all of your drivers, and their current status. In real time. You’ll always know where they are.

Move Dispatch Webapp

Bringing new booking technology to a 10 year old transfers business was always going to be challenging.

Using the Move Dispatch System, hoppa has built an on demand and prearranged booking app that connects our passengers with our suppliers, Seamlessly. All over the world.

Joanne Brown - Head of E-Commerce - Joanne Brown Head of E-Commerce

Pro apps - for the web, and for mobile

No more buggy websites, no more generic booking apps

Offer your passengers the fastest, best-looking booking technology on the market.

You can now easily support both on-demand and scheduled bookings through the same application.

And If your passengers prefer to call, no problem. Move Dispatch has one of the fastest new booking forms out there. Your lightning fingered dispatchers will finally feel at home.

Move Dispatch Passenger Apps

Say goodbye to driver #17

…say hello to ‘Sam Jones’, professional driver for hire

  • Fleet managers can recruit any local driver in Move
  • Drivers can connect with any local fleet using move
Solo driver?

Drivers are joining Move because they can work for multiple fleets via the same driver app. Negotiate rates directly with fleet managers in your city. Being self a self employed driver just got better.

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Move Dispatch Driver Apps

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